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Beauty is a light in the heart

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Children Meditation

Greet your feelings with kindness

Every Child Can Learn To Spread
Wings and Be Free

In a world of zip-zapping activities and unexpected changes, children need more than just knowledge.

They deserve to own a life skill that can help them restore balance in all channels of energy — Body, Mind and Heart.

One mindful breath at a time.
One heartfelt connection at a time.

Benefits of Meditation

Even in its simplest form, meditation can help children find their inner calm. Including but not limited to :

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Benefits of Meditation

Beauty is a light
in the heart

One mindful breath at a time. One heartfelt connection at a time.



20 years of meditation practice. 10+ years’ experience in guiding children as a language instructor both in institutional and private settings.

Believe deeply in the power of Mother Nature that fundamentally nurtures children’s inner strengths and empowers their True Self.

Respect every child is unique and we are interconnected as one when breathing in harmony and aligning with the present moment altogether.

  • Trained by Lorraine Murray, Founder of Worldwide Connected Kids Programme ™
  • Completed Level 1 & 2 Meditation Teacher Training (Registered here)

Each mindful breath is a step returning to our HEART.
Each meditation is a complete relaxation in the present moment.


Choose a Meditation Class

We understand everyone is at a different stage on their meditation path, and that everyone is looking to reach different destinations.

Private Sessions

Minimum of 4 sessions are highly recommended to witness any positive changes.

A$50 Per Session
Tailored meditation to suit your child's needs, such as Sound, Colour, Walking, Mandala drawing, Labyrinth and more.

We begin each session with a warm-hearted greeting to settle in, followed by a simple self-affirmation. There are roughly 3-4 meditation activities that can be repeated when necessary. Finally ending a session with ``Thank you & Best Wishes`` and a take-home practice.

  • Session Time: 40 minutes
  • BOOKING: 1-on-1 session

Inquire today to book your preferred time.


Spring ~ Summer SUNDAY Group Meditation

A$20 Single Pass
Each session welcomes a group of 4 children in a bell tent outdoors.

With interactive meditations, we breathe together and share our positive energies!
The power of being still and at ease is amplified as we offer loving kindness to each other from the heart.
*Recommended for children who have done a minimum of 4 private sessions.*

  • Session Time: 40 minutes
  • FEE: Single Pass A$20 / 4 Passes A$75
  • BOOKING: [email protected]

LOCATION: Detailed in your booking confirmation email

Frequently Asked

What follows after I have made an inquiry?

Evelyn will arrange a call to provide 1 FREE CONSULTATION in order to understand your child’s need as well as to satisfy your curiosity about children’s meditation.

What can I expect for my first class?

Arrive 15 minutes early so that the instructor is able to on-board you without delay; to give you guidance on the meditation setting and what to expect for the class.

What do I wear to class?

Wear comfortable workout clothing that allows you to move freely, sit cross legged or lie down comfortably. Avoid jeans and anything that restrict movement and flow.

What do I bring to class?

Bring your own bath towel and water bottle. If you have a yoga mat, feel free to bring it, too. All other materials will be provided.

What to do if it rains on a TENT DAY?

In an unfavourable weather condition, the session will be cancelled. All participants are notified a day in advance and the pass is reserved for the next available session.

How to care for myself after a meditation class?

Follow the advice below in the next 3~7 days to allow your energy channels to restore balance:
1. DRINK plenty of water;
2. BE GENTLE with yourself;
3. WALK in a park or your garden.

You may also experience some symptoms as your wholeness tries to regulate and re-balance. Here are useful relievers:
>Tiredness: Warm foot bath with sea salt or more rest.
>Emotional roller-coaster: Find a quiet corner, do 3 minutes of Tummy Breathing.
>Flashback of old memories: Hug a tree for 3 minutes and repeat “It’s all in the past now. Thank you.”
>Sudden sadness: Let out your tears. Hug yourself and repeat: “I AM OK. IT’S ALL OK.”
>Bowl movement: Part of detoxing and rejuvenating your body.


What our clients
say about us

“Self-control and delayed gratifications are essential life skills. These skills are elusive to kids growing up in the “NOW” world. Evelyn's self-awareness program brings these skills to the spotlight through meditation. At a level, my 7-year-old daughter can understand and use. We are grateful for the positive impact Evelyn's program is bringing to our daughter.”


“Evelyn is a warm and dedicated meditation instructor. She is passionate and willing to share her knowledge and gives feedback to parents after a class. Her classes focus on children's well-being and child-friendly. My son found meditation with Evelyn is very calming. As a parent, I found it beneficial as he can find some peace and quiet moments to be with his inner self.”

KC Teoh

“I loved Evelyn's meditation class because it calms me down. I tried doing the things she taught me before I sleep and I had a much better sleep!”

Mimi (10 years old)

“Thank you for teaching me meditation. I really enjoyed the tent. Sometimes when I am too excited or angry, my mum tells me to do some deep breathing. You helped me calm down. When you taught me, you were very patient.”

Dale (9 years old)

“After her classes, I feel much calmer than before.”

Beth (9 years old)

“My daughter attended Evelyn's meditation class with her friend and they both absolutely loved it! They still use the calming techniques at home after lessons. Highly recommended to kids who have trouble sleeping or have anxiety problem.”


“As a parent, it's good to see my child enjoying an activity so much that can't wait to return every time after the meditation! And to be honest, by just talking to the teacher, already can make you feel calm, even for adults!”


“My son had frequent nightmares and woke up crying. His sessions were interesting with natural elements; especially the ones in bell tent synced nicely and were engaging. With Evelyn's patience, he learnt mindful breathing to relax and release negative feelings. Now nightmares are rare and sleep quality greatly improved -- these benefits inspires him to practise. Highly recommend.“


“We are so grateful for Evelyn who has given us life-changing experiences through her meditation sessions. Parenting is a hard gig. Evelyn has helped me and my husband see the world through the eyes of our children and assisted our children reach calmness and peace, overcoming challenges such as separation anxiety and night terrors. Evelyn is a wise and intuitive meditation facilitator who caters to individual needs. She is a fabulous listener and a skilled teacher who always has the children's best interest at heart.“


Quiet the Mind
Shine through the Heart

May each mindful breathing be a door to a child's true Self and well-being.


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Benefits of Meditation

Even in its simplest form, meditation can help children find their inner calm. Including but not limited to :

  • Better Sleep

  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety

  • Improved Self-Esteem

  • Enhanced Focus and Alert

  • Stronger Resilience

  • Balanced Emotions

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